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Swedish Electronics Embedded Awards for 2016

Sievert in association with Elektronikkonsult and Realtime Embedded was yesterday nominated to the Swedish Electronics Embedded Awards for 2016.
The award is hosted by “The Swedish Electronics Trade Association”, their Embedded Technology Section and “Elektronik i Norden”, a publisher of news related to the electronics industry.

The Swedish Embedded Award is granted to this year’s best product within embedded technology. The purpose of the award is to highlight and stimulate smart and creative solutions. The requirement to become nominated in this category is that the product/prototype contains smart and intelligent embedded technology and is also commercially appealing. The DW 3000 is nominated because of its innovative design and a game changer for hot air tools. The embedded technology in the DW 3000 allows it to run a high efficient brushless motor with precise temperatures and fan speeds but at the same time making the DW 3000 the smallest and lightest hot-air tool on the market.
The user will experience a user friendly precise temperature control, a 3 step adjustable fan and real-time feedback from the tool that shows temperature in the LED-display allowing the user to work faster and more precise.

There were a total of 6 nominations in the enterprises/companies category. All the nominations are worth a mention because it was very interesting to see what type of embedded technology Sweden is capable of and we are honored to be nominated in this category.

The DW 3000 received a lot of attention and from both the visitors and the judges. Mathias together with Elektronikkonsult and Realtime Embedded made a perfect presentation demonstrating the challenges they had when designing the DW 3000.

The winner will be announced at the Embedded Conference in Kista, Stockholm November 22nd, 2016.
We will once again display the DW 3000 with Elektronikkonsult and Realtime Embedded.

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