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The abrasion of the abrasive grains deteriorates the grinding ability and the friction against the workpiece increases. If a deposit of chips forms on the grinding wheel, grinding grains that have been torn loose scratch the surface to be treated, or the shape of the grinding wheel begins to change, then it is time for SIEVERT grinding wheel dressers. The grinding roller consists of: quality steel discs with U-shaped teeth pressed from one piece. A special hardness program brings the teeth to a precise degree of hardness. This guarantees minimal wear during sharpening and dressing. The toothed roller is given stability and strength by corrugated support discs between the toothed discs. The replaceable roller can be used until the teeth are completely worn out. The dresser has a nipple for pressure lubrication, essential for high rotation speeds and long roller life. A sturdy handle made of precious wood allows for a firm, comfortable grip with both hands. Support lugs make it easier for the roll to be placed evenly on the grinding wheel. They also simplify lateral movements to dress the entire width of the grinding wheel. A protective plate prevents sparks from spraying against the face and hands.