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In general, every gas contains a certain amount of paraffin. Over time, this clogs the jet orifice of the burner, which then has to be cleaned or replaced. If your Powerjet torch no longer ignites or no more gas comes out of your blowtorch, replacing the jet orifice can help.

The picture shows the location of the jet orifice using the example of the pointed burner 8702



Since the jet orifice differ depending on the model, please refer to the table below for the item number of the jet orifice.


Item no. burnerDescription burnerItem no. spark plugItem no. jet orificePackaging unit (spark plug and jet orifice), pcs.
870201PowerJet pin-point burner1647231518815
870401PowerJet standard burner1644321502435
870601PowerJet cyclone burner1517021637175
870701MetalJet cyclone burner1529591616755
870801PowerJet hot-air burner1644329001025
871001PowerJet soft flame burner1644341616755


The jet orifice of the PowerJet pointed burner is located in the housing. To change, simply unscrew the burner at the point marked in the photo and change the jet orifice!