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Sievert high pressure hoses for soldering conform to several standards. Sievert hoses are also extra frost resistant and can be used in temperatures down to -30ºC. The Sievert hose is designed with an inner layer of black gas resistant rubber, a middle layer of reinforcing weave to withstand high pressure and an outer orange coloured layer to protect against external damage, sunlight and ozone.

As a rule, the working pressure for soldering devices is between 1.5 and 2 bar.

Item no.DimensionsConnectionLength, metreWeight, gEN / ISOConnection typeEAN number
5 mmBSP 3/8"LH x BSP 3/8"LH2306EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed7314527173219
7173415 mmBSP 3/8"LH x BSP 3/8"LH4523EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed7314527173417
7174315 mmBSP 3/8"LH x BSP 3/8"LH101215EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed7314527174315
7015015 mmBSP 3/8"LH x M14x12286EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed7314527015014
5 mmBSP 3/8"LH x BSP 3/8"LH2320EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed / Swivel7314527173202
7012945 mmBSP 3/8"LH x BSP 3/8"LH4526EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed / Swivel7314527012945
7015055 mmBSP 3/8"LH x M14x12306EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed / Swivel7314527015052
7012905 mmBSP 3/8"LH x M14x14523EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed / Swivel7314527012907
8530905 mm50 metre roll4500EN 559 / ISO 38217314528530905

The following soldering hoses are also available for the German market.

Item no.DimensionsConnectionLength, metreDINWeight, gEAN number
7700204x4mmR 3/8" li x R 3/8"li1,548155207314527700200
7700214x4mmR 3/8" li x R 3/8"li248156107314527700217
7700234x4mmR 3/8" li x R 3/8"li348157807314527700231
7700244x4mmR 3/8" li x R 3/8"li448159607314527700248
7700254x4mmR 3/8" li x R 3/8"li5481511307314527700255
7700264x4mmR 3/8" li x R 3/8"li10481519807314527700262
7700344x4mmM10x1 li x R3/8" li10481519807314527700347
7700294x4mmM10x1 li x R3/8" li248156107314527700293
7700314x4mmM10x1 li x R3/8" li348157807314527700316
7700334x4mmM10x1 li x R3/8" li5481511307314527700330