Heating tools for professionals

Sievert high pressure hoses conform to the several standards. Sievert hoses are also extra frost resistant and can be used in temperatures down to -30ºC. The Sievert hose is designed with an inner layer of black gas resistant rubber, a middle layer of reinforcing weave to withstand high pressure and an outer orange coloured layer to protect against external damage, sunlight and ozone. Sievert burner hoses are available with inside diameters of 6,3mm and 8 mm in 50 meter rolls or as factory fitted and leak tested hose kits.


Propane hoses for heating and roofing work are therefore significantly thicker than the smaller soldering hoses. The working pressure is usually 4 bar.

Item no.DimensionsConnectionLength, metreWeight, gEN / ISOConnection typeEAN number
7012958 mmBSP 3/8"LH x BSP 3/8"LH5794EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed7314527012952
7115118 mmBSP 3/8"LH x BSP 3/8"LH101554EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed7314527115110
7015108 mmBSP 3/8"LH x BSP 3/8"LH101554EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed / Swivel7314527015106
7115108 mmBSP 3/8"LH x M14x1101554EN 559 / ISO 3821fixed / Swivel7314527115103
8369908 mm50 metre roll6000EN 559 / ISO 38217314528369901
Item no.DimensionConnectionLength, mDINWeight, gEAN number
7700376,3x5mmR 3/8" li x R 3/8"li5481517007314527700378
7700386,3x5mmR 3/8" li x R 3/8"li10481526107314527700385
7700156,3x5mmR 3/8" li x R 3/8"li20481552107314527700156