Heating tools for professionals

Promatic copper bits are made from high quality cold-formed electrolytic copper. All Promatic copper bits have the same mount and are held in place by a screw in the body of the soldering iron. The advantage of this attachment is obvious. If a somewhat unfavorable position arises during soldering, where I cannot get to it with the conventional copper piece, I can loosen the copper bit on the Promatic soldering iron and turn it a little to the left or to the right. So I can get into almost every corner!

Caution! The Promatic soldering iron and the PSI cartridge soldering iron have the same holder. All copper bits for the PSI can therefore also be used for the Promatic soldering iron, but not vice versa. This is simply because the PSI cartridge soldering iron does not have enough power to reliably heat the “big copper bits” of the Promatic and to supply the heat permanently even in cold temperatures.