Heating tools for professionals

PRO brass burner are our classics in the range and have been produced unchanged for over 60 years. They produce a very clean and stable flame pattern, as they work according to a different functional principle than the pot shape that is common today.

For technical data, please refer to the table below.

Technical data
Item no.393802393902394002394102
Weight, g52586080
Length, mm48525767
Diameter, mm17171722
Connection, necktube sideM20x1 IGM20x1 IGM20x1 IGM20x1 IG
Effect, kW0,250,91,23,1
Recommended working pressure, bar2222
Gas consumption in g/h at 2 bar207090240
Softsoldering till, mm10121540
Scope of applicationSoftsoldering burner,
Pilot burner
Softsoldering burner,
Pilot burner
Softsoldering burnerSoftsoldering burner
EAN number'7314523938027'7314523939024'7314523940020'7314523941027
Technical data
Item no.294102294202294302294402
Weight, g110120130200
Length, mm848791108
Diameter, mm28323550
Connection, necktube side M20x1 IGM20x1 IGM20x1 IGM20x1 IG
Effect, kW7,72643,586
Recommended working pressure, bar2444
Gasconsumption in g/h600200033506700
Softsoldering till, mm60---------
Scope of applicationSoftsoldering burner, light warm up workRoof burner for detail work, worm up workRoof burner for detail work, worm up workRoof burner for surface work, powerful work up work
EAN number7314522941028731452294202573145229430227314522944029