Heating tools for professionals

The PRO 88 torches meet the highest demands for professional welding and heating work. The excellent quality combined with high ease of use make the PRO series a universal application tool for professional craftsmen. All PRO 88 burners are designed for use with propane, butane and Mapp® gas.

On the following pages you will find a selection of our PRO 88 kits. Some of these may not be usable in your country. Please check which gas cylinder connection is used in your country. The most common valve connections are DIN, Shell, POL, Italian. Depending on the regulations in your country, it is possible that a handle with an externally adjustable pilot flame (2 valves) or a handle with a preset pilot flame (1 valve) is used for the respective kit. Therefore, check the regulations that apply to you in your country before deciding on a burner kit.