MetalJet kit 215585

This MetalJet roof service case was specially put together to meet the requirements of roofers. Please note the regulations in your country regarding the use of open flame burners on the roof. The set is particularly suitable for all small jobs on the roof. 

Which includes:

  • Preheating of zinc sheet
  • The opening and closing of a roof opening for testing purposes
  • Using a hot air burner, work can be carried out in places where an open flame would cause material damage (door connections, skylights, etc.)


The kit consists of:

  • Metaljet handle 215590
  • Hot air burner 870801
  • Flat nozzle attachment 716941
  • Soft flame burner 871001
  • 2 pieces MAPP gas cartridges
  • Support foot for gas cartridge
  • Powercase transport case with inlay for all Powerjet torches


Technical data
Item no.215585
Weight, g3500
Scope of deliveryMetaljet handle, burner 8708, burner 8710, flat nozzle, 2 pieces Mapp gas cartridges 222183, support stand, Powercase transportbox
ConnectionEU (7/16")
Type of gasPropylene
Effect1,7 kW (burner 8708), 3,5 kW (burner 8710)
Burner diameter38mm (burner 8708)
25mm (burner 8710)
EAN number7314522155852
  • Precise flame control

  • Piezo ignition

  • Bayonet lock

  • Flame lock

  • Optional burners available