The new pressure rollers are used to seam membrane roofing using hand welding, for example with Sievert’s hot air tools. Although these can also be used for membrane that is cold seamed with different types of glue.

Consequently Sievert rollers, manufactured in Germany, come in several sizes and in such materials as silicon, steel and PTFE-plastic. There are a total of eleven models in the new range, including seam testers.
The wooden handles are ergonomically designed to allow the roof layer to apply the required pressure easily when scarfing. The integral ball bearings allow the roller to run lightly over the work surface and the working life of the pressure roller is thus maximised.

The silicon pressure rollers come in three widths; 28, 45 and 90 millimetres. In addition there is a medium sized roller with a 45° angled handle. The heavy steel pressure rollers come in sizes 40 and 60 millimetres. The PTFE- plastic press rollers are for joint welding of TPO, FPO and similar materials. Press roller diameter is 33 millimetres.

The range includes two press rollers in metal and two in brass for work on corners and edges. These rollers are also used for flooring work.

Technical details and assortment

  • Ball Bearings

  • Highest quality of silicone

  • Unpainted handle for good grip