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The Sievert HandyJet 2283 is an easy-to-use blowtorch with piezo ignition and is suitable for use with plug-in cartridges. This makes it one of the most popular blowtorches, as cartridges are available almost everywhere. The device is made of high-quality 2K plastic and can be operated with just one hand. After a short torch preheating time, the device can also be operated “overhead”.


Technical data
Item no.228301228302
Weight, g (without gas cartridge)300 300
Length, mm150150
Height, mm240240
Width, mm6060
Type of gasButaneButane
Gas consumption (g/h)140140
Gas cartridgenoyes (1 pc. 221093)
Diameter burner, mm2020
Effect, kW1,81,8
Piezo ignitionyesyes
Connectionpierceable pierceable
Scope of deliveryHandyjet 2282 (without cartridge)Handyjet 2282, (with 1 pcs. 221093
EAN number73145222830127314522283029